The National.


My #2 favourite band of the last 2 years (after the clear mammalian granola cruncher victors).  Just found out yesterday they are coming to Montreal in May! They’re doing a small spring tour, Montreal and Toronto are lucking out.  2007’s Boxer is one of the best records of the past 5 years.  They have found a unique way to tell rock stories, mainly through bari vocalist Matt Berninger.

The songs are romantic, direct, intelligent, dark with pretty/simple melodies.  The melodies are so understated that you drive by them at first, but they stay on your block, and they stay like Crips and Bloods.   Virtuosic (yet understated) drumming, great New Yorkish darkguitars, truly provocative lyrics. They ooze B&W.

I feel like Boxer explores themes of self-deprecation, apprehensive romanticism, and a cold reluctance to settle into warmly waded status quo.  And isn’t that most of us urban 20 somethings in a nutshell?  Even better, they don’t make it sound cliché, at all.  The ubiquitous term for this music has been chronically documented as “grower”.  You won’t love these songs on first chomp, but trust you will swallow something sublime.  Promise.

If you’re interested, here are some videos.  First is the Interpol inspired “Mistaken for Strangers”.

Supplementary single “Apartment Story”.

Lots more where that came from.

05-21 Toronto, Ontario – Kool Haus
05-22 Montreal, Quebec – Metropolis
05-23 Boston, MA – House of Blues
05-24 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
05-25 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
05-27 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
05-28 Raleigh, NC – Maymendi Concert Hall
05-29 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory

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