Sous Montreal.


Through one of my daily go-to sites Spacing Montreal, a blog all about local urban space, I was shown “Under Montreal” – a blog dedicated to the underground infrastructure of the city.  Stormwater and wastewater sewers (evidently not as gross as we’d think), metro tunnels, the full gamet. It looks that with good gear, kinesthetically capable photographers, and leak-free waders, they can traverse most of Montreal’s ancient underworld.

Like many others out there, I am really fascinated with the worlds that are so close, taken for granted, and never seen – water infrastructure, waste management, public transit, stormwater management.  Things that are so incredibly essential for the city machine.  Things that we complain about when they’re not working optimally but forgotten the rest of the time.  Us cityfolk are hard to please, cause you know, we’ve seen it all.  I recently went to a week long conference looking at Montreal’s water infrastructure, and got immersed in source-to-tap water quality.  Really fascinating.

Check out the site, get a history and an engineering lesson ensemble.

[photo via controleman]

2 Comments to “Sous Montreal.”

  1. This is amazing. I love seeing pictures from underground explorers.

    The one thing I’ve always wondered is how this works out legally. I’m sure the city does not allow someone to go into sewers unauthorized, but I wonder if/how they would enforce this?

  2. It would be nearly impossible to enforce this I would assume – it would likely have to be a wrong place at the wrong time sort of thing.

    They’ve also been able to (unfortunately) get into apparently guarded drinking water reservoirs, definitely more of a concern as this the last place before it gets distributed.

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