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April 13, 2009


So after a few misses late last week, I have been informed that the CBC Radio 1 interview will be on tomorrow after all my misguided and narcissistic plugging.  I spent 45 minutes with another interviewer last week who had trouble understanding my rationale for the song. RegardIess, I will record the track for all to hear demain.

Click Soncarte in the header tab for more infoooo on the tune, if you haven’t acquiesced on my online promo assault.

Happy Easter Holiday.

April 13, 2009

More Shai Agassi.

I would be this guy’s coffee bitch.  I would also be his hair gel purchaser, his newspaper clipper, his dog poop picker upper, and his Croatian girlfriend breaker upper in case he was too busy.  I’m that kind of guy.

Here’s Shai Agassi on you and your dog trainer’s favourite website, TedTalks.  For those who aren’t overly interested in the electric car revo, Shai Agassi is a man with a plan.  His plan is to convince heads of state to go beyond petroleum, and no not the marketing-savvy oil company.  He’s talking about a fully integrated carbon-free transportation system.  Already starting in countries near you – Israel, Hawaii, Australia oh my.


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