I just saw Neil Young.

Ktooooooown!  Kickin it.  It was my first time at the steadily amazingly improving KRock Centre, and me, Cara and the Don had a great time.  Neil was perfect –  ratty white tshirt, no pick, standardly great vocals.  I was hoping for more classiques and less electric car new album mediocrity, but he still gave us more than a handful of the favourites.  Year long Neil Young openers Everest were a massively large pleasant surprise – killer voices, Cardinology friendly Americana, great live chops.


At the bar at Atomica pre-show.  Quickly becoming one of my Kingston go-tos.  Wood fired proscuitto pizza, and the mushroom bruschetta is easily one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had in my life.





The Don, still proudly wearing the Iron Ring, feeling out the greatness.

And some hilarious videography c/o yours truly and YouTube – Cinnamon Girl and Needle and the Damage Done.


When You Dance I Can Really Love Johnny Magic Everybody Knows This is Nowhere Spirit Road Pocahontas Cortez the Killer Cinnamon Girl Mother Earth Hit the RoadThe Needle and the Damage Done Light A Candle Lost In Space Heart of Gold Old ManLike a Hurricane Get Behind the Wheel Just Singing A Song All along the Watchtower Rockin in the Free World

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