[Toronto] exciting.

Even though these subway cars will be delayed (quel surprise), the only thing I wonder about is business of the continuous subway car.  If I had to guess, there will be much more foot traffic throughout all cars during the trip.  People will go from the front to the back looking for a seat, no?  Could be more dangerous than people quickly sitting or hanging onto a germophobey pole.  Maybe I’m just boobing it up right now.

And good news for the germophobes – the poles now will have an anti-bacterial coating.  Creeps me out a bit, but I’m sure this helps the neurotic in their travels.

2 Comments to “[Toronto] exciting.”

  1. Some of the new Skytrains and the Canada Line trains have continuous cars, and a similar design to this. I have noticed its way better than the older ones (similar to TTC) because people do not only get congested only at the doors, and can move into another less crowded area, and there are more poles to hold onto through out and allows for a better flow of people when getting on/off. I like it better. The anti-bacterial coating is a bit creepy.

  2. yeah I hope this works. And I do like how they’ve kept with the burgundy seats. TTC loves their garnet and grey.

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